Are you hankering to see the ins and outs of a literary magazine? Would you like to connect with the awesome LGBTQ and literary communities around Seattle? Then you should apply for an internship with T/OUR.

Internships are 3-4 months long and very flexible. During that time, you will be given both day-to-day tasks and opportunities for larger projects (you will never be required to do anything silly like go get coffee. You must be OK with spontaneous dance parties, however). We are big fans of creativity and new ideas. Internships are available in one of the following areas: Graphic Design, Editorial, or Marketing. All interns will have the chance to publish their work online and in the magazine.

If interested, please email us at with a resume, design or writing sample, and a cover letter explaining your specific interest and describing the worst haircut you ever had in middle school.

NOTE: There may be a few more in-person high fives if you live in Seattle, but we are certainly open to electronic high fives and speaking with cool folks located elsewhere.