Who We Are (figuratively)

In May 2012, editor Catherine Smyka had been on the prowl for a literary platform to submit an essay. She found several great LGBTQ publications and just as many literary magazines, but no space where artists of every sexuality could create conversation about the queer community. So Smyka decided to create such a space.

T/OUR Magazine is a collaboration of queer experiences, but is not exclusive to queer artists. Each issue features a collection of essays, poems, short stories, and artwork about life in and about the LGBTQ community. The writing and arts quarterly is based out of Seattle.

As a contributor, we want you to describe your experiences as a trans person, as the sister of a lesbian, as the son of a bisexual parent, or simply as a citizen in a space where something queer is happening (or not happening). Maybe you witnessed homophobic bashing, took part in a pride rally, or just went to a really awesome big gay dance party once.

T/OUR Magazine offers the truth about LGBTQ life from every point of view. The magazine provides an environment for queer dialogue and a safe space for personal perspectives. In a society where sexual minorities are often singled out, T/OUR is a place where stories are shared, where experiences meet one another. An interpersonal LGBTQ artistic community.

the Truth about OUR stories. T/OUR Magazine.