Who We Are (literally)

Catherine Smyka (Editor in Chief) is a freelance writer in Seattle. She spends her days at The Stranger, and as an editor with elance.com. She also likes bread. A lot. Catherine performs non-fiction narratives with The Moth and Fresh Ground Stories. She thinks you are great.

Scott Herman (Associate Editor) is a playwright, memoirist, storyteller, and occasional musician. His plays have been produced in San Francisco and Seattle, and he tells stories with The Moth. He has an MFA in creative writing from Goddard College. He enjoys motorcycles, sports that involve a lot of running (or just running), and drinking fancy beer. Not necessarily in that order.

Sadie Adams (Poetry Editor) grew up in the desert of eastern Washington only to move west in search of rain and queerer, friendlier faces. She studied creative nonfiction and poetry writing at Western Washington University and spends her spare time singing in a retro-pop band or relaxing in Ballard with her cat, Miette.

Loraine Kanervisto (Chief Copyeditor/Blogger) is a volunteer for both T/OUR and Genderfork.com. She’s constantly thinking about living in a world where gender isn’t so well-defined. She moved from Honolulu to Seattle with her partner in villainy. Loraine enjoys writing, technology, iced toddy, and her two cats, Eris and Willow.

Harriette Rasmussen (Assistant Copyeditor) loves to edit. She can spend hours hunched over a single piece of text moving, cutting, and refining words. (Is it an OCD thing? Hmmm…) She also writes and publishes as often and broadly as she can. When Harriette isn’t writing, she’s a thought partner for educational leaders. When she’s not working, she’s hanging out with the best dog in the world, Hoop, and her ever expanding family.

Tiffany Ta (Publication Designer) is a web designer by trade whose experience includes Creative Director for Fragments art/literary magazine, co-founder of the creative collective Awesome Donut, and an all around designer for the Seattle community. She lives by the motto “work hard, play hard” with the hope of getting at least 5 hours of sleep.

Scott Caparelli (Staff Photographer) has been an avid photographer for many years. He joined T/OUR to bring fancy images to accompany everyone’s stories and experiences.  A New England native, Scott came to Seattle looking for warmer winters and more sun but decided to stay for the good sushi and coffee.  He can often be found doing laps of Mercer Island on his bike or riding a ferry somewhere.

Nathania ten Wolde (Assistant Staff Photographer) is a jack of all trades artist with a BFA in photography and a library of 1,100+ books arranged by color. While she spends a lot of time taking photos of families and children, she considers herself a painter, writer, filmmaker, and dreamer, always on the lookout for a reason to gather people in her apartment or send someone a postcard.

Stephen Anunson (Sponsorship Coordinator) grew up in the Midwest where he learned good manners and the importance of hard work.  He followed some friends out to the Northwest to explore a passion for filmmaking, education and non-profit development.  He plays the trombone with the Seattle Rock Orchestra and the Puget Sound Symphony. www.stephenthomasanunson.weebly.com

Andrew Turgeon (Blogger) has a small town heart and a big city mouth.  He works as an administrator for A.C.E. Language Institutes and makes foreign students practice the word “plagiarism”.  He’s written encyclopedia articles for National Geographic, long letters to lost loves, and posts for T/OUR’s  literary blog, Out and About.

Ward Larson (Web Designer) was born and raised in Eastern Washington where he learned to design and develop web sites. He moved to Seattle at 21 years old for a much needed change of pace and scenery. When he’s not pulling late nights basking in the soft glow of his computer monitors, he’s usually skateboarding, working on his motorcycle, or taking photographs.